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Church Schedule

Sunday Morning Service 

Do you remember growing up as a child in the Bahamas? Mom went in the Kitchen early to make Sunday dinner, and you got dressed for the entire church experience, Sunday School, Fellowship, the choir singing their heart out, and the Preacher ripping down all the devil strongholds on the congregation.

LTC is that place where you can come and be free. Leave your burdens at the altar and surround yourself with godly friends that will become family. The first visit you are our guest, the second you become family.

Join us every Sunday at LTC at 8 am for a Holy Ghost-filled worship experience.

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Wednesday Mid-Week Service 

Mid-Week Service is what you need to get you through the trials and tribulations of the week. When the children are not falling in line, and you are experiencing challenges on the job that you can not understand. When the finances are exceeding the income, Mid-Week Service is your chance to pour out to the Lord and ask for guidance and mercy.

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Friday Youth Service 

Welcome to Raise the Praise Youth Ministry at LTC. Our Youth Ministry is passionate, convicted and on fire for the Lord. The program is led by experienced elders that have years of experience in cultivating youth. The youth ministry is filled with educational ventures that the youth will enjoy. 

We have the yearly youth retreat that is designed to build relationships and provide exposure to new environments. We believe in creating diversity for our young people, teaching them principles and giving them skills that will prove useful throughout their lives.

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