About LTC

Trans (to move) Local (in and out of the local church) LIFE TRANSFORMATION CHURCH MINISTRIES INTERNATIONAL  Exists as an international organization of: 


1. Local churches with a translocal vision.

2. Translocal Ministry organizations.  

3. Translocal ministry training schools. 

4. Outreach centers. 

5. Study group gatherings, whose intention is to train to empower the saints to do the work of the ministry in the Bahamas, Caribbean, United States, Canada and South America, with the Power of Jesus Christ.  


Our translocal vision is to see translocal: Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors, and Teachers & Saints, networking together, moving and making a kingdom impact around the world. Our primary mission is to help transform THE SAINT’S ministry dreams and visions into concrete reality. World evangelism and mission is 

our passion. 



Provide a network for relating to, and sharing with other translocal ministers and local churches. 
We will provide Regional LTCMI Ministers Meetings (within each major geographical sector), by the Regional Apostolic/Prophetic Team Leaders, as a method for oversight, accountability, relationship and fellowship. 
We offer various levels of affiliation and relationship to meet the needs of local and translocal ministers.  We also provide a means of restoration for local pastors and trans-local ministers through covering, counselling and support during 
restoration periods.  



That every LTCMI translocal ministries or local churches are firmly grounded upon the foundation of God's model which is Apostles and Prophets, with Jesus Christ being the Chief Cornerstone (Eph.2:21). 

each LTCMI  local churches and translocal ministries to become fulfilled and mature, enabling each of them to be a living demonstration of God’s purpose for His Church today. This activation would cause each local church or translocal ministry to send forth teams (workers) to demonstrate and minister Christ’s life and purpose to His corporate Body and the world. 

in resolving differences or conflicts within translocal ministries and the local churches through consultation with LTCMI Leadership and our Regional Apostolic/Prophetic translocal Team workers , ministry teams assigned to aid translocal ministers and local pastors; Apostolic/Prophetic advice and counsel and on-sight arbitration. 

a place of accountability, oversight, covering relationship and Love, so that each translocal organization  and local church body might be a place of safety, security, 
and blessing.